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Brushless motor very high-end,Built in drive,Before and after NMB ball bearing,100 line of the metal disk, PWM speed control,With the brake,Positive inversion control

The pin definition:
1, 24V---- motor driving power supply, DC15V-24V can be used
2, GND--- DC24V and VCC power supply
3,BRAKE---the brakes, the brakes of Low level, and high level release
4,PWM---external PWM signal control, the lowest frequency 330HZ, recommended 20-30KHZ
5,CW/CCW---Positive inversion control,(High CW)(low CCW)
6, VCC---encoder the positive pole of the power supply is connected with a 5V power supply.
7, ENC-B--- B coder phase pulse output, can be directly read MCU
8, ENC-A--- A coder phase pulse output, can be directly read MCU
Note: high level voltage is 5V, the low level is.
length :14cm
weight :180g
packaging:1 pcs

High-grade-brushless-motor-24V-1.jpg High-grade-brushless-motor-24V-2.jpg High-grade-brushless-motor-24V-3.jpg High-grade-brushless-motor-24V-4.jpg High-grade-brushless-motor-24V-5.jpg